What is a domain name?
A domain is unique address on the Internet. Domains are used to identify websites, like www.Domains.Autos. Domains are made up of different levels, similar to physical addresses like city, state, zip code, etc.  The levels are are separated by dots.

What are Top-level domains (TLD)?
The top-level domains (TLD) define entire categories of websites. Here are a few examples of top level domains where the TLD is bolded.


Top-level domains are like neighborhoods. Some have rules on how you can use them while others don’t. The .Autos TLD for example is for individuals, businesses and organizations in the automotive industry only.  This is done to ensure that the .Autos online neighborhood stays safe and relevant in its content. With legacy TLDs like .com or .net, there are very few rules and almost anyone can operate a website about anything.

What are Second-level domains?
Second-level domains are similar to a specific home address in a neighborhood. They’re website addresses where individuals, businesses and organizations can register and build their online properties.


What is a registry operator?
A registry operator is the wholesaler of domain names and sells names via registrars. It manages the registration of domain names, establishes policies for domain name allocation, and technically operates the domain. Dominion Enterprises is the registry operator for .Autos.

What are domain name registrars?
Registrars are the retailers of domain names. They provide domain name registration services directly to registrants. These include helping registrants find, register, renew, and delete domain names. They send the information to the registry for entry into the centralized registry database.

Who are the .Autos accredited Registrars?
Dominion Registries publishes a list of all .Autos accredited registrars on our registrar page. All registrars must be officially accredited by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), and will have executed a Registry-Registrar Agreement (RRA) with Dominion. .Autos domain names may also be offered by resellers that operate under a contract with one of the accredited registrars.

What is a registrant?
A registrant is a company, organization or individual who registers a domain name.

What is ICANN?
ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) is a non-profit, private organization responsible for coordinating IP address space allocation, protocol parameter assignment, domain name system management, and other services.



Who can register a .Autos domain name?

.Autos domain names will be made exclusively available to registrants that provide products, services or information that benefit the automotive industry. All registrants will be validated by the registry. Having validated registrants means that as consumers do their auto related research and transactions online, they will be able to trust content found on websites using the .Autos extension and find relevant content on these sites.

A registrant who belongs to one of these categories and meets the verification requirements is eligible to purchase a .Autos domain name:

  • Automobile Manufacturer
  • Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)
  • Automobile Product Manufacturer
  • Broker
  • Distributor
  • Dealer / Dealer Group
  • Retailer
  • Automobile Services
  • Financer
  • Insurer
  • Association
  • Educator
  • Athlete / Team
  • Event Organizer
  • Media
  • Sponsor

Please see our complete Registration Policy to learn more about the category definitions and eligibility requirements.


When will I be able to buy a .Autos domain name?
Trademark owners who have registered with the Trademark Clearinghouse can apply to reserve their mark beginning March 22, 2016.  See the top of this page for the detailed launch schedule.

Why are some domain names unavailable for registration?

Some .Autos domain names may be unavailable for one of several reasons:

  • The domain name has already been registered
  • The domain name is reserved for use by the registry operator
  • ICANN requires that the certain domain names not be released



What is a Sunrise Period?
The Sunrise Period is provides the opportunity for trademark, trade name, or service mark holders to claim rights to domain names that match their mark and are registered in the Trademark Clearinghouse (TMCH).

.Autos will be running an end date Sunrise Period. Applications will be reviewed at the end of the period, and those that meet the eligibility requirements will be registered. If more than one claim is made for the same domain name, an RFP mechanism will be used to determine the winner of the contested name. Instructions on how the mechanism will be run and what is required will be provided to all affected applicants.

What is a Founders Program?
The .Autos Founders Program provides the unique opportunity for industry and thought leaders to work with Dominion Registries to secure some of the best Founders domain names and promote the .Autos name space for the benefit of the automotive industry. Companies, brands and individuals accepted into the Founder Program will benefit from special pricing and early availability together with advertising and marketing promotion for their .Autos Founder website.

If you are a start-up with an innovative idea, an established industry leader looking for a category killing domain name, or a big brand looking to extend your reach with a specific campaign, we want to hear from you.

What is a Limited Registration Period?
A Limited Registration Period (LRP) is defined as any registration period between the end of Sunrise and the start of General Availability. This period has some type of restriction(s) built into it that limits domain names from being generally available to all registrants qualified to register domain names in the TLD.

Applications will be accepted for domain names that correspond to the registrant’s entity name, DBA or mark and will be validated by the registry.  It is not necessary to submit an SMD file. If you are in one of the following three categories of registrants, you may apply during the LRP:

  • Automobile manufacturers
  • Dealer / Dealer Groups
  • Associations

What is General Availability?

The General availability phase follows the Sunrise period. This is the open-ended phase where .Autos domain names will be available on a “first-come, first-served” basis to registrants meeting the eligibility criteria.